This site is for the Modelling4All project taking place at the University of Oxford. It is funded by the Eduserv Foundation.  We are focused upon building a rich internet application and integrating with social networking tools to enable non-programmers to collaboratively build and analyse computer models.  A beta version of the free software service runs in any web browser. It is described in detail at the Project Website.

You can also keep up to date with the project and connect with  by following @modelling4all on Twitter and becoming a fan of our Facebook Page.



  1. This is a great project that could make a big impact on education for the complex systems science community: http://complexsystems.lri.fr/ECSS/tiki-index.php

  2. Peter Miller said

    I’d like to get involved when time permits, probably on the SL/implementation side of things.

  3. modelling4all said

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding Second Life where we have done a few small scripts as part our feasibility study but are far from expert. The Second Life efforts will begin a few months after the other parts.

  4. Peter Miller said

    Suits me as I’m a SL newbie myself but aiming to gain a modest proficiency over the Summer.

  5. Ken Kahn said

    I think this model explains unequal wealth:

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