Java applets vs Flash

The Modelling4All web application needs to allow the modeller to run graphical simulations within the browser. The problem here is that Netlogo can already be used to create java applets but flash has a much higher penetration across browsers. This blog page sets out the stall very clearly:

Flash can also be used to create nicer looking UIs but Java is improving all the time. A design decision needs to be made…



  1. Bruce Herbert said

    I’d be wary of the Flash player penetration stats. This means ANY version, including very out of date and redundant ones. I am a Flash developer myself and it’s something I am mind-full of.

  2. Bruce Herbert said

    OK, so maybe I should have looked at the link first…

  3. modelling4all said

    Thanks for the comment about Flash versions. What we would really like to do is develop so we run in every browser. We are currently building parts of the system in the Google Web Toolkit which generates JavaScript from Java.

  4. Peter said

    I just want create a very simple moving graphic
    and have some java programming skills – should i use applets or flash

  5. modelling4all said

    This site is focussed upon issues involved in making a site where people can build computer models or simulations. A small part of that is supporting animation and our preferred solution is AJAX via the Google Web Toolkit. However, since we are relying upon other software sometimes we will rely upon applets though Flash will run on many more browsers.

    If you are making a moving graphic that you want to share with as wide an audience as possible then go with Flash. Otherwise since you already know Java then applets are better.

  6. You have a problem with flash non-openness, so in terms of future I imagine applet are the way to go, and also Sun is bringing Java FX to give rich web experiences. It’s just a matter of waiting a bit before taking a plunge into one technology..

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