Community-Building for the Web

Amy Jo Kim has written a useful booked titled Community-Building for the web, to pull out information relevavent to the modelling4all project. The book is based on a checklist designed to help step a designer through the process of building online communities. The book companion website gives a useful set of checklists and guidance on some general heuristics for builidng a community. The key seems to be to let users drive feature development, and use improvements as motivation for getting people involved. The question at this stage is to pin point our community, is it undergraduates, learners in general or teachers?



  1. Peter Miller said

    That question’s between you and Eduserv. Ultimately it has to about the learners but I doubt you could scale to deal with them direct so it’s the teachers first off (and we’re all learners anyway).

  2. howardnoble said

    I agree. Modelling as we are using it here is an academic activity primarily (not something for the bedroom enthusiast, at least in the early days). I think our community at the start will be taught courses and we should pitch to the teachers that will take this courses. The precursor to this project (constructing2learn project) has been popular with teachers wanting to promote ‘modelling literacy’ so that should be our platform I think. I also agree there is no big difference between learners, researchers and teachers – its all a big cultural exercise of knowledge representation and re-representation.

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